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Judo Terminology

  • Hajime: start (at start of fight)
  • Matte: stop
  • Sono-mama: freeze
  • Yoshi: restart after freezing
  • Oasekomi: hold down is on, the clock is started
  • Toketa: holddown is broken, the clock is stopped
  • Judogi: your judo kit
  • Judoka: someone who does judo
  • Tachiwaza: standing techniques
  • Newaza: groundwork techniques
  • Ippon: maximum score for a hard throw, 25 second holddown, armlock, or strangle leading to submission; it scores 10 points and ends the fight
  • Wazari: a near perfect throw or a 20 second hold; the fight still carries on
  • Wazari awasete ippon: two wazaris make an ippon and this also ends the fight
  • Sore made: this means the fight has finished and the winner is indicated
  • Rei: bow when you start and finish a fight or step onto the mat

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