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Juniors Judo

For the past 25 years Andy Bonfield (BJA 4th Dan) has been in charge of the Welwyn Garden City (Herts) Junior Judo Club.

We teach girls and boys from 6 years olds.

The emphasis of the junior sessions is fun, fitness and participation, with children learning the techniques of judo through games and lots of involvement.

Most children who come to Welwyn Garden City (Hertfordshire) Judo Club do the sport just for enjoyment and to build self confidence, however, those who wish to can progress to competitions.

Judo is an Olympic sport (both male and female) and we presently have a slightly higher number of girls than boys.

In terms of participants, judo is the second most popular sport in the world and is a part of the schools’ physical education systems of many countries. Countries such as France have a judo club in every village and the sport is reported in their national newspapers on a daily basis.

We encourage parents to stay and watch their children during lessons and have a special seating area for this purpose. Staying to watch your child is especially important in the first few months as he / she settles in to the rough and tumble environment. Should you be unable to watch you child, please ensure that we are made aware of your absence and leave your contact details

All the coaches and helpers are CRB checked.

Judo is regarded as a safe sport, but accidents can, inevitably, occur in the children’s “rough and tumble”.

We are keen to welcome any parents who have previously done judo and wish to help out on the mat.

Should you be considering whether judo is the right sport for your child, please contact us. We will advise you on the most appropriate class, bearing in mind your child’s age and experience.

We will initially supply your child with a judo suit, free of charge. The judo suit allows free movement and is made from heavy duty material which withstands pulling and pushing. Girls should also wear a white T-shirt or vest under their judo suit.

The first class is free of charge. This gives your child a chance to try out judo and gives you, the parent, a chance to view the club and the coaches first hand.

After 4 trial sessions, if you decide to join our judo club, you must also join the British Judo Association by buying a license directly from the BJA. This is for insurance purposes.


Did you know?
Judo can be a chosen sport in the Physical Recreation Section of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Judo can also be a chosen sport within GCSE and A Level P.E


Juniors Judo


How can judo benefit children?
Judo encourages physical health, agility, discipline and concentration in children. For children who are not so suited to team sports judo provides an excellent avenue to exercise and meet other children.

The belt system helps children to focus on moving 'up the ranks' building a child's self-esteem and confidence along the way.

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