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Safety and insurance

Our Coaches Qualifications

The BJA Coach Award structure is designed to ensure that qualified coaches deliver safe, quality judo instruction. The system is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world.

All BJA member clubs are required to have at least one qualified BJA coach, who will have had to meet the strict standards laid down by the BJA. In particular, the BJA has a strict child protection policy which ensures all coaches complete personal disclosure documents and are in possession of a First Aid Certificate prior to granting a club licence.

WGC Judo Club (Herts) and all of its coaches and instructors are fully compliant with the above BJA Coaching Policy and are fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of all our members, particularly children. Instructors and volunteers endeavour at all times to show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others and will conduct themselves in a way which reflects the principles of the BJA.

Up until the Sydney 2000 Olympics Judo was the only martial art included in the games and it lends itself well to competitive sport. Since kicks and blows are not part of the competitive practice and because of the heart and soul of judo is defensive in nature, judo can be practiced at "full strength" and "full contact" for hours at a time without any protective gear at all. Judo is possibly the only sport with a directly combative element in it for which this can be said. Two competent players can train together for extended periods of time in exactly the same manner in which they would compete with no inherent risk of injury above and beyond the normal mishaps which inevitably will happen occasionally in any sport.

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Insurance & Accidents

Although the accident rate is far lower than in some other sports, it has to be said that judo is a tough combat sport. The Club holds BJA Insurance which provides all members with personal injury protection. Full details of cover are available on the BJA website at

All BJA licence holders also benefit from personal liability insurance which protects them if they are charged with negligence and where a claim for damages is made against them.

With the exception of the first 4 trial sessions, BJA insurance does NOT cover non-licence holders for personal liability and, in the event of such damage claims against them, non-licence holders would be personally liable for any costs. The BJA therefore state that it is in the best interests of non-licence holders to take out a licence as soon as they know they will be continuing to practise, so that they have the benefit of BJA insurance cover for their own protection.

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