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To start judo contact ourselves via email ( or phone to register your interest and any questions that you may have.

Your child can then come along to our sessions on Friday. You will be welcome to watch. Before your child participates, all you will need to do is fill in a beginners consent form (has to be filled in by an adult if you are 16 or under).

Then your child will have a free judo session to decide if they would like to continue.

Lessons 1 to 4

The British Judo Association provides your insurance free of charge.

The club will also provide a judo jacket and belt for you to wear.

Your child should wear tracksuit bottoms and a 'T' shirt (soft clothing i.e. no zips). Also itís a good idea to bring a bottle of water.

In the first four lessons your child will be taught how to break their fall and get used to grappling, throwing and pinning their partner to the mat.

Lesson 5 Onwards

If after three leesons your child is enjoying their judo and wants to continue then you will need to join the British Judo Association. You do this by buying a license directly from the BJA (it can take upto 2 weeks to receive the licence).

Prior to your 5th lesson you must prove membership of the British Judo Association so that we are know that your child is properly insured.


Judo is a cheap sport to take up.

Lessons 1 to 4

1st Class Free
Further Classes £3 each
Insurance - Free
Judo Jacket - Loaned Free

Lessons 5+

Annual WGC Judo Membership - £20
Childs Annual BJA Insurance - around £28 (paid directly to the BJA)
Childs Judo Suit - Around £20
Weekly Class Fee (members) - £3 child


"Judo is a wonderful sport for a child to do because it teaches them a huge variety of skills. A child that trains at judo regularly becomes disciplined and organised. A child's confidence also grows incredibly with the amount of time they attend judo.

"I was a very quite child before I started judo, but in order to be successful at my judo I needed to stand out and this ability is what builds your confidence. I am not a quiet person now!!

"It also enables a child to think on their feet because a judo fight is unpredictable and you need to be able to instantly think of a counter to your opponents attack! Therefore you should be able to deal with anything you are faced with!

"Judo is also a sport which is extremely good fun. You meet a huge variety of people doing judo. Judo gives you the opportunity to make lots of good friends as well as making you feel part of a team. I have made many friends in judo and they are still my friends now, ten years later!!!

"You also get to travel worldwide with judo. I have been all over the world to compete; such as Europe, America, China, Japan and Mauritius and it has all been for free!

"Judo is also fun and interesting because every time you do it, it is different. Every fight is different and unpredictable so there is always the element of surprise. Judo is the best sport in the world!"

European and Commonwealth Champion

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