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A judo tournament
A judo tournament
A judo tournament

For many judoka, judo is a social activity only. There is no need or pressure from this club to practice competitive judo. However, some members of the club actively enter tournaments locally, nationally and even internationally and the junior club continues to gain competitive success on the tournament circuit. If you want to develop your judo in this direction the club will be able to support you. However, before you enter a tournament :

  • Please check with your coach to see if you are ready to compete
  • Ensure you enter the appropriate level of tournament
  • You must present a valid BJA license for all tournaments
  • Check that a club coach will be attending the tournament you wish to enter

General information about tournaments:

  • The minimum age to enter tournaments is age 8.
  • All competitors must hold a valid BJA licence.
  • Juniors usually compete in "Age Bands" (e.g. under 10, under 12 and under 16).
  • Within each age band, juniors compete within their own "Weight Group".
  • Weight Groups are typically 4kgs apart (e.g. under 34kgs, under 38kgs, under 42kgs etc) and 5kgs apart from Under 50kgs upwards.
  • Some tournaments are also restricted to maximum belt grades to help the development of beginners. E.g.Red belts only, under 6th Mon only etc.
  • Boys & girls compete separately.

Forthcoming Tournaments:

Full details of forthcoming events & tournaments are available from the BJA website via the following link:

For further information regarding tournaments contact the Club Secretary, Ben Almond, who coordinates the tournament and competition side of the junior club.

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